We see you at Castlefest 2023




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Ruben Meuwese-7779Castlefest 2022 Photo by Ruben Meuwese

The path of druids. Close your eyes, take a long, slow and deep breath, gently let the
voice that creates the mystical atmosphere penetrate your soul and guide you towards the
threshold. Feel the beat of the drums accompanying your own heart. Do you feel it? You
are already inside. Now, the soft notes of the guitar will lift you up dancing with your
emotion while the notes of the flute cradle your soul. Let us walk barefoot together to fill
ourselves with the energy of the great and ancient oak. Welcome to the oak ritual.
Love, music and nature.





It’s an honour and it fills us up with great emotion.
Since we started Ritual Duir we have shared our work, step by step, with our dear friends of CeltCast and they, especially Cliff de Booy have guided us with love and wisdom.
And we will be eternally grateful for all the support and love they have dedicated to us
It is really exciting to start the year