Riual*Duir was born in January 2018 from Rose Avalon idea and need to make music dedicated to druidic magic, love and respect for nature.
A year earlier, Rose joined an e-nemeton for druidic studies which was also attended by her friend, Belén.
Influenced by the druidic knowledge acquired and the love, connection and worship of nature, Rose left her previous group of pagan folk and began her own path of music, spirituality and nature. The path that led to the ritual of the Druids. A bonfire under the night sky, bagpipes, flutes, guitars and drums echoing through the trees.
And just as the Druids blessed the oaks, sacred in their rituals, the Ritual Duir was born. (Duir in Gaelic language means oak)

But finding the partners/brothers to come full circle on such a special project wasn’t easy. A few months of work passed in which Rose managed to record the first three demos «When the human arrives», «Wild Balance» and «Your memories wil rest in the trees» from the first album «The path of the druids» when Belen Albadalejo magically arrived

Belén and Rose had already shared druidic rituals long before the birth of Ritual Duir and although they had never coincided musically Rose was aware of Belén’s professional musical career with wind instruments such as the traverse flute and piccolo and others, Belén had embraced the druidic for a long time , so there was no better partner to share this path.
After affectionately introduced the project to Belén and after listening to these three songs, Belén fell in love with Ritual Duir and on September 3, 2018 her incorporation into the band was announced. Walking and working together with Rose for the growth of the band.
Months later José arrived. Mouro to take care of the percussions. José had a lot of experience on stage after having been part of different metal and electronic music bands, but the need to evolve towards pagan horizons led him to Ritual Duir.
The fourth member hadn’t come full circle yet and meanwhile all three members were working on their debut album «The Path of Druids».
At Shamain 2019 the band premiered their first video clip ‘When thehumans Arrival’
Right after David arrived. R to take care of the guitars and thus complete the circle, just before the release of the band’s first album.
David and Belén have known each other for many years. From the beginning Belén thought of David as a guitarist for R.D knowing his background in metal and his passion for nature, so finally, overcoming obstacles with distance, David ventured to learn all the songs in a very short time to be able to participate in the presentation. concert as official guitarist of the band.
On December 20, 2019, just for Alban Arthan’s Druidic Winter Celebration, the band released their first album, performing a preview concert.
Early 2020 Jose. M left the band to focus on his family.
After two years of halt due to the pandemic, and a long incessant search for the fourth member, in January 2022 Borja Marco joins the band to take charge of percussion. Borja has been playing drums and percussion since he was 7 years old. Since 2000 he is a member of the renowned «Colla de Musics de Dables del Prat» and a long career with his own Rock Blues project Howlin’ Psycho

Ritual Duir is not just a pagan music band. Ritual Duir has a druidic spiritual epicenter that they transmit in the lyrics of the songs, as well as in their performances through the rituals they perform, based on the knowledge acquired.
Four members and each of them represents a Druid ancestor, a natural element and a cardinal point.

Rose represents the land of Ulster (north) and the Druid ancestor Morias, who guards the stone of destiny Lia Fáil
Belen depicts the water druid ancestor of Connaught (Oese) and Semios guarding Hundri’s cauldron.
David represents Leinster (East) the air and the Druid ancestor Esdrios, guarding the Spear of Assal
Borja represents the Munster (South) the fire and the Druid ancestor Arias guarding the Sword of Calad Bolg

And so the circle of Ritual Duir is completed. In the center, always ready for the ritual, the «Maen Log» and the «Awen» in all of us.

Let’s walk together barefoot to nourish ourselves with the energy of the great oak.


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